I found two of the best televisions, both clearly at the best prices on the net and yet people are cooling them off, and I really can't work out why.

    Some are saying, you can get a 50 for less and some are saying an LG is cheaper.

    But these are the best of the best; there not the 70 models but the 700's which are top of the range.

    Clearly if you can find these for less than mark them as cool/cold deals, but if you can't and this is what you are looking for then it's hot... Away!

    Panasonic TH42PZ700PED £1248.00 @ HomeCinemaTV
    Panasonic TX32LXD700 - £736 @ xomy



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    Why has my topic been EXPIRED? I only started it the other day....


    Got no idea why its been marked expired - can only guess those that rated the deals cold have done it!

    Looks a good price in comparisson to others for the Plasma, but to be honest, I would go for the LZ70 model. There isnt that much difference between the sets to warrent the extra cost. I had the same dilema when I bought my PX60. It was about £300 dearer for the PX600 model. The only extra was better sound, SD slot and PIP. Not worth it IMHO.
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