Found 16th Jul 2009
I was sitting watching TV ten minutes ago when a young bird came flying in through the window. It landed on the mantelpiece had a poop then turned and flew back out again.

There is a nest just round the corner from the window so they must be learning to fly.

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That's God sending you a message.

It would seem He isn't pleased.

awww how sweet.

We used to have this huge open fireplace and the birds used to find their way down the flue and we'd have to catch them and release them back outside.

If they got in whilst we were out the room could be full of bird poopy!!

Pics or we don't beleive ya!!

Oh sorry, just been looking through misc and had an aberration!!;-)

It's the time of year for baby birds and they're really funny - not very sure of where to go or what to do. I was watching 3 green finches lined up on the shed this morning. They were clueless.

Don't let the poo dry out.:thumbsup:

My dad has trained about 5 blackbirds to regularly fly into the kitchen for mum aint happy coz they keep pooping everywhere!

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The nest is in a ceramic wall mounted plant holder with the look of a Greek urn cut diagonally. If you look inside you can see four or five small brown birds staring back at you.

What did she look like?

Original Poster

Hope it found somewhere dry as the heavens have just opened. Thunder, lightning the works.

You shouldn't be watching Jeremy Kyle then.
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