Strange delivery driver.

    I had my O2 router sent out as im a new customer, they attempted twice last week when I was out but never left cards, only got a text day before first attempt just saying a parcel would be delivered next day, no mention of courier name, none of who parcel was from so I ignored it thinking it was a junk text.

    When the person came round today it was a woman who looked in her late 50's wearing casual clothes and no delivery van(think it was a car) with just a id card which I coudlnt see,

    When I opened door she just handed to me, I said thanks she said "it yours" I said "yes" and she just walked off.

    No forms to sign or anything.

    I just found this strange as I had no idea who the couriers were.


    maybe she's a neighbour or something that you've never seen or met? How strange!!

    May have been delivered to the wrong address or it could've been DHL:Home

    Had a pizza delivered by a woman the other day, was well suprised (from dominos) :P she was cool.


    I had a scary teenager deliver my passport in a banged out fiesta lol

    these home delivery companies are popping up a lot, basically they farm out work to any trog with a car ;-) obviously no offense intended to any trogs, hobbits or elves

    I saw a parcel once.

    Yeah, anyone can do home delivery, Next for instance haven't got actual couriers as my daughters boyfriends Dad does it.

    We missed a debenhams delivery last week and they left a card with no phone muber etc on it, so I called the depot and was given the womans name, address and phone number. I never got chance to call her though, and the next morning she was at the door at 7.15am, her car looked full of parcels. Looks like this is the way things are going, its probably alot cheaper than the big companies.


    I saw a parcel once.

    me 2


    me 2

    presents for meeeee:thumbsup:


    presents for meeeee:thumbsup:

    dream on :roll:
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