Strange events at barky towers-its all true!

Found 14th Jan 2010
Daughter(almost 3) was playing in the garden with her older sister and has come running in looking for a plaster for a tiny cut on her finger-so what happened?

She was in the garden and a purple cat called misty came and tried to eat the flowers,so she told it it was being naughty and then a kangaroo and a cow came over the fence and the cow threw its bum at the kangaroo and then the purple cat bit her on the finger.

Could be true-who can say for sure?

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awww bless :-D

cant wait for my liitle one to do this lol

You have flowers ???


not funny..... poor story.

Its true - that damn cat was here earlier.

thats a story you can tell when she vrings her first bf round for dinner :lol: (obv ina few years lol)


so sweet ... . my son once told me he had been to London in a helicopter … so sweet ... . my son once told me he had been to London in a helicopter during his dinner time when at infants school :-D ..............

i was convinced i went to canada and saw my uncle one say when i was at nursery :lol:

wow these coloured cats, im sure when my DD was younger its was green lol

never had a cow or kangaroo tho, ours was always an elephant that used to sleep in the bedroom

Sorry to tell you but you're daughter is a compulsive liar

lol funny - bless

it's raining cats and dogs and cows ars-es up here at the mo

Do you have mushrooms growing in the garden?

Just incredible.....A purple cat who could talk. It told her its name was Misty

At what age does lying cease to be cute?
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