Posted 21 April 2010

Strange lines running down jeans

So my gf washed my jeans for me the other day and just looked at them now and there are long crease like lines running down the legs of the jeans. Have tried ironing them but that hasn't really done anything. The jeans are dark blue levi ones. Anyone had this before? Any tips to get them out?
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  1. Redking's avatar

    Try plugging the iron in.

    try shutting your mouth
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    I think that's a bit unworthy
  2. deleted11814's avatar
    wash inside out in future
  3. boothy's avatar
    she must have left them wet in the machine creased up for a bit before drying,they will come out after repeated washing but there is no quick fix

    also washing inside out helps
  4. deleted42052's avatar
    You sure you've not just had an accident?
  5. Redking's avatar
    Thats what I thought, the lines in her jeans that were in the same wash have disappeared already tho
  6. numptyj's avatar
    steam iron

    or as boothy says
  7. dogtanian84's avatar
    Try plugging the iron in.
  8. DeafCassette's avatar
    There once was a ship called Billy of Tea….etc

    Just rock the mid 1980s look and go with it. Grow a mullet and you’ll be a legend.  (edited)
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