Strange problem with some forums ?

Found 17th Mar 2011
Got an odd problem just started.

On some forums (MSE for one) when I reply to a thread the forum s/w tells me there's no text in the reply box ? Even if I cut and paste it in, I'm still told there's nothing there even though I can see it?

It's also happening with the Pet Plan site, I tried to submit a question for my wife's cat and it's saying there nothing in the box?

It appears not to be related to the browser as it's happening with FIrefox and IE 8...

Anyone have any ideas ??
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Have you tried the basics like clearing cookies/restarting windows
Yup, cleared cookie, restarted FF and windows. Nothing changes.

Nothing in FF has updated lately, I haven't installed anything new on the system or new addon's in FF.

Has me completely stumped ?
Tried Chrome?

You really should anyway

Tried Chrome? You really should anyway

Yeah, I know and I have. But I've spent a year getting FF the way I want it and most of the add on's that I use aren't available for Chrome and I'm loath to start again. Although FF has been going downhill for a while now, I guess this would be a good time to jump ship. . .
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