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Found 28th Sep 2010
hi was wondering if anyone can help.
ive been playing fifa 10 and after a cup final match with barcelona the game freezes on exactly the same page.
this has happened 3 times now after beating them.
ive left the console for an hour or more between plays and the game is installed to the hardrive so cant be the disk.
there are no red lights appearing, everything seems ok up until that page after varying lenghs of gameplay.
iv now 'simmed' the match, therefore lost..but i presume it will stop again after playing the next match.
the console has 'redlighted' 2 years before and was fixed in germany
and was fine till now.
anyone else had this problem??


Perhaps it's a bug with the game itself?

Have you checked the official Xbox forums for that game?

problem with the game not the Elite if it's doing it in the same spot. (Y)

Try the game on another xbox, see if it freezes at the same spot

Original Poster

yeah i hope its not the elite,
ill try deleting and re-installing the game that might work
thanks for the feedback

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