Strange question...

    ...but if anyone will know, the avid shoppers of hotukdeals will! I keep hearing the same strange loop of music over and over again - didn't think it was that strange til I heard it in McDonalds today. It sounds a bit like a cheesy guitar electro-pop 80's thing, lasts a couple of minutes without lyrics - I guess it could be a jingle for the music provider, or it could be some take-over-the-world subliminal conspiricy music!!

    Anyone know?!?! :-) Cheers...


    Dont they only play porn music in McDonalds. Where else you been hearing it????

    Do you listen to talksport much? I've heard something like that a lot on there - they seem to play it behind the traffic updates and the weather and just randomly all over the place int he background.


    It's your cheesy mobile ring tone

    Your mum has been calling you asking why you are not at school............
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