strange question about feet/socks and BO

    Since I was a small child people regularly tell me I stink of sweat, even 5 minutes after coming out of shower and using half a tub of shower gel and I often spend up to an hour in a shower or 3 hours in a bath!(really)

    I remember last year having a shower, waking 2 minutes to local bus station from my flat, getting on bus to my works enterance walking in and being called accross to private staff room and told by my boss I had complaints of me smelling like I havent washed and I smelled at moment. Quite condracending as I was asked if I knew how to wash and did I use soap etc! when as I say I spend an hour in the shower at a time, even my "rush" shower is 30-35 minutes as I hate just walking in shower and running it for a minute as I feel dirty!

    Very upsetting.

    I personally cant smell the bo nor can family and friends much unless its a hot day and/or im doing a lot of busy work like moving cupboards in house then we do.

    Im just the sort of person who sweats everywhere, under arms, down leg(which creates a rash as the top of legs rub together)

    I think the BO comes from the pouring sweat for one, but 2 my arms and legs rub together when I walk so I think it creates BO.

    Any way of stopping this?

    Problem 2.

    I might be alergic to certain types of socks, when I wear certain ones my feet get a bit itchy and I itch once or twice and my feet go red and very itchy plus the skin is rough and next day I have a few scabs or such there.



    ....I might be alergic to certain types of socks, when I wear certain … ....I might be alergic to certain types of socks, when I wear certain ones my feet get a bit itchy...

    My niece have similar problem - she cant tolerate wool or polyester blend socks but is comfortable with 100% cotton. She complains of burning sensation in hands & feet when she wears non-cotton ones.

    Obvious answer to the general sweat probs is to use a good deodorant & cotton clothes. Some info available here may be helpful

    Yeah, deodrant is your best friend. Maybe Lynx? Might get hordes of girls after you too?

    I tend to sweat easily I use talc which seems to help me, but not on the feet. It helps as well to take your socks of when you get home so only wear when out.

    I think you can go and see your doctor about this if its upsetting as think its something to do with over excited glads or something

    not being funny but lynx isnot too good for sweat

    a few specialist anti perspirants may help - try a chemists rather than a usual shop. - although to be honest depending on the level of the problem it might not help, one of my friends used to use a special antiperspirant that make his arms sting! - but it worked

    i will try to find out what its called.....

    also how old are you?

    i used to have a problem like this - and i still sweat a lot more than most people if i play football - and i play in goal so i hardly move - but i still sweat buckets - but i am unfit.............

    another idea!

    see a doctor - if your not worried about posting on a public forum - go see a dr

    Talcum power & antiperspirant may help a bit.

    Also, if your shoes are also smelling, then leave them in the freezer once a week, as this kills off any bacteria which cause the odours.

    Finally, go see a doctor, as this is obviously affecting you and your self confidence, as they will have a better idea on a solution for you!

    I would talk to the dr or practice nurse. There is an antiperspirant which you used to be able to get on prescription but i cant remember the name.


    I would talk to the dr or practice nurse. There is an antiperspirant … I would talk to the dr or practice nurse. There is an antiperspirant which you used to be able to get on prescription but i cant remember the name.

    From the link my post above :-

    Your first attempt at treatment should be a 10 to 20% aluminium chloride antiperspirant, designed specifically for excessive sweating & Hyperhidrosis. Products like Driclor, Anhydrol Forte, Perspirex & Odaban are very popular treatments. Driclor & Anhydrol Forte are strong antiperspirants (containing 20% aluminium chloride) for use on the underarms , hands, and feet. Perspirex is a roll-on antiperspirant for underarm sweating, stronger than most standard antiperspirants. Odaban is a spray-applicated product, containing 20% aluminium chloride, and may also be used on the face and other areas.

    Better see ur GP

    Of course wear old stinking, enclosed runners/ sneakers does not help either, especially cheap ones where the rubber reacts with heat pheeeewwwww. That was a lesson I learnt early on in life, pay a little more if you want to keep them and keep your feet in good order.


    On that embaressing illnesses programme it said using too much soap can damage your skins' natural flora and can cause you to worsen your BO-

    As the other guys said, go to your GP.. more drastic measures can be to have bo-tox in the effected area, which deadens the sweat gland (but bo-tox is only temporary, it needs doing a few times a year..)

    Have a look [SIZE="5"]]here[/SIZE]

    Being overweight wont help either if you are ?

    thats what i thought are u fat?

    no offence intended lol

    Original Poster

    At moment am half a stone overweight, but this still happened when I was underweight.

    I just seem sensitive to heat, even in winter if I wear a jumper or jacket I sweat

    But in winter time I only sweat if wearing jumper, in summer the heat makes me drenched in sweat.

    Mainly down my back and on side of legs, and under arms.

    Its hurtful when for years people call me smelly behind my back or even worse they say it to my face and act like I dont wash right.


    Go to the docs- hormonal imbalance can cause it aswell - have you had a look at the report I linked you to earlier?
    Are you male or female?? Sorry- just your name doesn't give any clues :giggle:

    Original Poster

    perhaps is hormones as even when I was 2 stone underweight I had big man boobs lol



    perhaps is hormones as even when I was 2 stone underweight I had big man … perhaps is hormones as even when I was 2 stone underweight I had big man boobs lol

    That'd answer my previous question then :giggle:
    Definitely see a gp then :thumbsup:

    Your doctor can prescribe you some medical wash to wash and shower in.Its worth a try. Also theres a fab roll on called michem( or something like that) in a green bottle. Its very good for people with perspiration probs.
    Are you quite highly strung? people who are tend to sweat alot more.

    My bro in law sweat like you, he cant eat a eat a meal without sweat running down his face ! he excessivly sweats (hyperhidrosis)even when doing nothing.
    get ya botty to docs for medicated wash combined with the roll on im sure it will decreased the amount you perspire.You dont want it blocking you sweat as we need to sweat to regulate temperate. See if the doc can give you Drysol , this will reduce the amount you sweat .

    Original Poster

    Doc did give me roll on stuff last year, just dried arms a but but couldnt do back and skin felt dry and uncomfortable lol

    I dont sweat much inside unless I wear a jumper(even in winter)

    Im sure my bod temperature is just too high, probably from living in cheap bedsits for years where landlord was too stingy to put on heating so I sat in freezing cold and when guests came round they used to comment on how freezing they were.

    Medicated Talc is also good to use as it can help to kill bacteria.

    Also something to consider...are your clothes being washed properly, if the clothes are perfectly clean when you put them on then your are rapidly speeding up the process of ...hmm..well BO.

    Im sure there are many people worse off than you so hopefully you should be able to find a solution soon.

    Ask people around you if they notice any differences when you are using different products/powders etc.

    Any finally try and relax...if you are worrying about it more, and getting paranoid you will just accelerate problem.


    Are your clothes always washed and dried properly/often. Try wearing natural materials where possible.

    Definitely go and see a doctor.

    Theres a section in the Daily Mail today - page 46 about perspiration. Theres also a support group The Hyperhidrosis support group. [url][/url]

    Might it even be a side effect from any medication? As said many times before - stick to natural fabric/fibres wherever possible. This isn't meant to sound patronising, but putting a scrubbed clean deodorized bod into 'unfresh' clothes will not do you any favours. Where i work, i experience quite a few examples of this - and 9 times out of 10 the people are lovely - they just have no idea of the odour on them and their clothes:)
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