Strange question, how to stop a matress slipping on bed

Found 5th Feb 2008
Essentially my new bed is metal and the slightest movement when in bed moves the matress down meaning my cushions fall down the back.

And its not just small movements, I have to get up a few times a night to push the matress back to the wall.

I think its because the new bed is metal and flat as I say so it has no grip.
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I'd take it back for a full refund as its not fit for purpose.
Yeah ditto, take it back, no use if it cannot used for purpose it was sold for!
Or you could try that underlay stuff you put under mats to stop them slipping. Its available in carpet shops!
raise the foot of the bed by an inch or two (use a couple of books). this way, it can't slip down, only up?!
Stick cushions at one end so that there is no gap.

This was happening with my mattress (and bed frame is wooden, not metal) and havent had a problem since doing this
You can get rolls of anti-slipping stuff, that is designed to be put under things like carpets, stereos, VCRs, etc. I use that under my mattress. It is better than some of the other anti-slip things you get for carpets because you don't actually have to stick it to the bed or matress, so you'll still be able to turn your mattress, etc. without any problems.

I am not sure where we got ours from though. I would imagine it was either from one of the catalogues like Betterware or Kleeneze, or from somwherw like Wilkison, but I can't say for certain. :oops:
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