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Found 26th Sep 2008
My new job involves working in a park and near a big forest. Been gettinbg tortured with midges in the evening was wondering if you guys could recommend an easy to apply insect repellent to keep the little buggers away lol

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Ummm,. guess you already know about the famous Avon one???

Avon Skin So Soft pump action spray, used to be called Woodland Fresh, now think it is just the one in the bluey green bottle!

Deffoe worked for me, here & abroad.
wow they actually do 'skin so soft' insect repellent?!? lol ill have to look into that.

google throws back loads of different brands when i search so just wanted to ask which ones you guys might have used before and found that they worked.
Lol. Not sold as an insect repellent, but it's widely reported as an effective unction!

Like I say, deffo works for me, whether I'm just lucky & not a natural mozzy victim I dunno, but have used this for quite a few years now, even during hols on the med, & seems to be pretty effective.

I hate the usual repellants, toxic stuff.

I have also heard good reports about 'jungle formula', which I think has natural stuff like almond oil in it, but I havent tried it myself.

Umm, just one thing, the Woodland Fresh spray is a tad fragrant, if you are male this may put you off OR attract the wrong interest!!!! Just thought I'd mention it.....tum te tum te tum.....
Deet all the way, plus if you're sat out I can swear by citronella candles.

Buy this and spray it in ears, hair, neck etc. It works !!
Lol - Cannyscot - not surprised you are familiar with this stuff :whistling:

Lol - Cannyscot - not surprised you are familiar with this stuff … Lol - Cannyscot - not surprised you are familiar with this stuff :whistling:

It has saved many a barbecue!

BTW the forestry commission guys all wear this while they are felling trees etc
BTW Fizzlewizzle - remembered spotting an Avon deal on here recently:


Free delivery, so if you decide to go for it....

PS I meant RepellEnt - too much Shiraz under the bridge tonight, spelling has suffered!!!
jungle formula do packs of wipes which are easy to carry around in your pocket and work well,my daughter used them while camping. Should get them in any chemist,poss on sale now since our 'summer' seems to be over! hth's
tiger balm ointment - the light coloured one (not red).
Eat garlic - they hate garlic and won't bite you if you have it in your system!
Stay away from blue clothes as they are attracted to blue.
Thanks for all the replies. Will try that skin so soft stuff as it wont have a nasty smell!! lol
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