Strange request - Westler's hot dogs

Found 11th Jan 2009
Does ony one know a high street/ online store I can buy Westler's hotdogs?

The only local place i've seen them is a cash and carry in 50's I think and i'm not that greedy...

Thanks in advance for anyone who may be able to help.

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:)going by this a think they are tyne brand so you should get them in asda, tesco ect in a tin westlerfoods.com/Ret…tml

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Thanks for the replies. I contacted them regarding local stockists and they never replied and although Tyne Brand i've never come across any in any supermarkets, all very strange.

:)yer ave seen loads a stores sell tyne make its actually a cheap brand think the hot dogs are like 54p a tin

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Seen Tyne brand Karen but not westler's.

have u got a B&M around ur way,they sell westlers hotdogs and the burgers

Original Poster

Thanks bambu. Not too far away will give them a try!

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