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I am unsure ? Im a frequent ebay shopper. I spend literally thousands and mostly on POSTAGE! IS THIS EBAY OR ROYAL MAIL FINALLY TRYING TO RELIEVE US OF THESE COSTS? I MADE A £17 PURCHASE THERE ITS SAYING I GET 1O BACK? What do you guys think? Ive had thousands of these but im fearful of scammers too!

Hopefully its ligit and can help many of us
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Can anyone shed any light on this atall? If ligit this service could be amazing for frequent e buyers on ebay!
33736966-LeyF2.jpgAnyone? Anyone else getting these?
Never seen it before, just get regular eBay money off vouchers.
I'd be very wary as it will probably prompt you for payment details(i.e. A scam)
This is one of those scams where they will rip you off, it’s nothing like tcb. They use your bank details to charge you every month and you should avoid, you do not want them getting your details.
Errrrr monthly fee applies after free trial!! It even tells you so!
deeky1 h, 12 m ago

Have you done any research at all? I found this within 30 seconds. 'I just …Have you done any research at all? I found this within 30 seconds. 'I just bought an item and once through the checkout I had an offer to save £10 on my purchase.I followed the links and it stated that as well as the £10 I could get 10% cashback on lots of items and deliveries (as a buyer).So I started the process of signing up but stopped when it asked for my credit card number so it could put my savings in.The £10 offer was a one time only thing for signing up.I then read the small print which says by signing up you are agreeing (after the 10 day trial period) to pay a whopping £14.97 a MONTH to get the savings!!Needless to say I did not sign up,so this is just a heads up if you encounter this 'offer'.'

Like the "My Time Rewards" scheme that The Hut Group (used to*) advertise after a purchase has been made:

[…ack ]

(* I don't know if they still do promote this as it has been years since they bungled an order of mine on one of their sites)
Could be a survey type thing ? I get one pop up every time I order Papa John's
I see this as well when I have adblock turned off. Just ignore it.
Common scam to get the ten quid you end up agreeing to some dodgy t&c your free ten quid will cost you a lot more
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Thanks guys xx
Appriciate this community so much THANK YOU X
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