strangest hotukdeals experience ever!!!

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Found 24th Nov 2009
ok people, i have just seen the ebay thread and thought to myself, why not open a hukd one

i;ve never had any experiences before but some people might've had

so anyone!!!

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depends what ur into
a lot goes on here


no strange experiences for me

looooooooooool Jellybaby am wetting myself laughing here as I have started a thread about sanitary products not being free :w00t: and forgot that I wasnt in that thread and when I saw your reply i thought WHAT!!!!!!!!!

sorry OP am in the wrong thread :oops:

the fantasy world of some people on HUKD is something I have never encountered before

u pinching my

nothing strange on here for me either sawry to dissapoint



no strange experiences for me

:? :?

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sorry superskilly lol
credit and rep goes to you for the idea

Original Poster Banned

surely someone has had 1

my bank account has been emptied numerous times!

Life is pretty strange all together :thinking:

Getting discriminated against moderators for swearing and avoiding the filter, when many others get away with it.
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