Stream Showbox from Bluestacks?

Found 23rd Aug 2017Edited by:"deeky"
I currently run Showbox through Bluestacks on my laptop but I'm getting fed up of dragging the HDMI cable out every time I want to watch something on the TV.

Is there any way to stream it to my Chromecast from Showbox inside Bluestacks? If there is, I can't find it and I've really looked I can't find an option to cast anywhere.
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It works on the fire stick if that helps .
Nah, I haven't got a firestick
Can't you steam the whole desktop screen to your TV? Not sure what the quality would be like though as I don't personally own a Chromecast.
I've just tried that, i can get the desktop on but I'm trying to work out how to get showbox onto the desktop and still have access to the cast button. I don;t really want to have other desktop stuff showing around it if I can help it.
get terarrium
mattsk12 m ago

get terarrium

I'll have a look, ta.
mattsk10 h, 29 m ago

get terarrium

​I totaly agree is so much better
Terrarium app on my phone had chromecast feature. Love it. Barely touch kodi anymore
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