Found 20th Sep 2009
I am trying all the main football streaming sites to watch the celtic game but everyone has problems today.
Game comes up no probs but then every 30 seconds or less it pauses and you get the wee circle loading up then it starts up again.
So am just wondering if there is anything on my side that I can do to get a better connection.
I have 10mb broadband, so I dont think that is the problem or is it just one of those things and there is nothing can be done.


Having the same problem watching the same game - I've closed down everything else using my connection, but it doesn't seem to help.

Could just be the site is experiencing heavy traffic.

Original Poster

I did the same had everything else closed but still stuttered, was hoping to be able to rectify from my end but if it is the other sides problem then not much I can do then. Shame, need to wait until tommorow night for highlights.

Crap scottish telly.
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