Streaming from Kodi (on android) to TV and xbox one

LocalFound 5th Dec 2015

I am trying to find out a way of streaming from kodi on android to both a smart TV and an Xbox one.

I found this on YouTube

(How to Stream KODI/XBMC to Chromecast, Xbox One, APPLE TV or any DLNA Device For FREE" on YouTube)…Cb8

I just wanted to confirm this would work (with the chromecast) or if there was an easier way (such as just play store app) since both the TV and xbox one have WiFi and Bluetooth etc. Unsure?

Thanks in advance
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doesnt the xb1 have screen cast?
I use all cast premium streams to chromecast and xbox one brill
plex. much easier.
I use BubbleUPNP and it works perfectly.
you can also use an MHL cable from any android phone (you may have an old one laying around) or FireTV stick can be side loaded with Kodi as can a laptop and run through the HMI passthrough on the backnof tge XBox One
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