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Evening all.

Am after a little advice on the best way to stream music from my pc to my Wii (via the internet channel)! Have seen winamp remote which seem ok, and good at streaming, but also Orb is out there as well.

in order to install Orb, I need to remove Winamp Remote as it is a lighter version of Orb (apparently) and wont let me install both on my pc.

Am also having problems trying to find good radio stations which stream through my Wii. Last FM is very slow, finetune is ok, and accuradio is ok, but would like to find more!

The Orb has a internet radio does this mean that whatever radio stations I saved as favourites on Orb would work on my wii?

Any assistance appreciated!

Thanks x



have you managed to get the games working on orb?


i was looking to do something similar with my wii before i actually sold it on, anyway i came across this website, [url][/url] check it out you can use the software to use your wii to stream media files, i.e video not only music, but the problem i came across was that the wii will only stream media from the memory cards and not an external hard drive hooked up via usb (dont ask me why) which is what i wanted to achieve and hence why i sold mine, apparently the wii 2 will have these capabilities but you got to wait until 2011 i think.

Anyway i have read some great reviews about this software on some other forums when i was googling. its pretty good apparently and can be used with any games console not just th wii

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i have not installed orb as yet so do not know about games. I would need to remove winamp remote first and that plays my mp3s on pc.

Would like to know how good orb or similar are, whether they take high bandwidth and are there lots of internet radio stations which actually work on them via wii

thanks x x
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