Streaming slingbox to mobile using 3g network


Looking to get a mobile contract so i can stream (using 3g) NOT WIFI from my slingbox to my mobile.

Three used to offer the x-series gold package but i cannot see mention of it on their site anymore, seems to have been replaced with this "planet 3" stuff.

Does anyone know which network set-up is best for this please?




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Hi Sunil,

Although the x-series addon is no longer being promoted on their website, I think you may be able to still request it through their customer services. The only reasons why I don't think they advertise it anymore is because Slingbox & Orb applications are no longer pre-installed on any of their phones that were x-series compatible. Things have moved on since then and now any Internet Addon can give you essentially the same service.

The only difference I can see between the x-series gold and new internet addons is the separate limits imposed for streaming Orb & Slingbox. Slingbox used to have an 80hrs allowance which would be counted separately to your normal data allowance. Which is nice if you sling alot. Unfortunately I didn't make use of my slingbox as much as I thought, so switched down to x-series silver. I thought in doing so would stop me from using the slingbox but there were no restrictions on access. I guess the data usage was deducted from my monthly allowance. So on that basis I suspect the new InternetMax Addon would work the same way. If you use any other provider make sure you read the fair use policy as there may be explict restrictions on streaming...but ocassional sling use should be ok. I have slingplayer for Window Mobile and have had no problems thus far.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Mate

Many thanks for the quick reply. I think i am gonna visit the 3 store tomorrow. The N95 8GB has stuff this darn iphone is waiting months and years for!


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