Streaming sound from my PC to BT Soundbar USB 2.0 or 3.0?

    I am using my Chromecast to stream live sky sports from my PC to my TV via the chrome browser. However it doesn't stream the audio via this. My Soundbar is BT so going to get a cheap micro BT dongle from eBay.

    Will 2.0 stream it well enough or should I go for 3.0 and use up one of my MOBO's 3.0 USB slots?

    Side question. How many devices can you log your Sky ID to? I'm buying my first house and moving in soon. Depending upon price I am considering getting Sky for the sports. If not I was considering just streaming it on my Hudl via the micro HDMI out. Think it is only activated on one device which is my PC.


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    Every Sky account must have a Primary Sky iD. The Primary Sky iD is the first user to create an iD and link it to the household account. You can only have one Primary Sky iD on your account and this should be the bill payer.

    You can also create up to nine other Sky iDs for members of your family or household so that they can also enjoy the best of Sky. See our Sky iDs for Family and household members article for more information.

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    Register your devices on Sky Go

    With Sky Go, you can watch TV on the move on up to two devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and/or compatible Android smartphones).

    Here's a summary of the rules applied as you attempt to download or stream Sky Go content to each of your devices:

    1st device: automatically registered for Sky Go.
    2nd device: automatically registered for Sky Go.
    3rd device: you need to manually remove one of the first two devices before this device can be registered.
    4th device: you will not be able to register this device or any others until the start of the next calendar month.

    Can I increase my Sky Go device limit?

    You can double the number of devices on which you can use Sky Go by upgrading to Sky Go Extra, allowing you to download programmes to watch offline on up to four devices.

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    Thanks so much! Any knowledge on the other question fanpages?
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