Streams for today's matches.....



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    Hull Vs Chelsea

    Liverpool vs Pompey

    Everton Vs Bolton

    Spurs Vs Arsenal

    Man City Vs Boro

    Man Utd Vs West Ham

    Stoke vs Sunderland

    Fulham Vs Wigan

    AV Vs Blackburn

    Will appear when matches start.

    Feel free to add some and then i'll copy them onto this post.

    only 1 ?

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    only 1 ?

    im trying to find more..... might be some in a couple of mins.

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    All i can see is this

    well it was working for me, try refreshing.


    none of them work unfortunately…026 works for me.

    Edit: it was but now its gone all laggy:|

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    none of them work unfortunately

    ive just checked them. the first one doesn't but the other 2 work for me......

    Download Sopcast and use this link: sop://

    Luckily i have sky sports 1

    I must say, I'm a little nervous

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    Man City vs Pompey

    Its still in the beta stages, when it works the picture is perfect but some time you get the picture go a tiny bit funny.

    cant wait for the full version of the software its 100% better than sopcast

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    The Stream Which I Put On Is The One Im Watching Now. Brilliant One Of The Best Ive Seen

    On the site iv posted even has the Man utd game WITH english commentary

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    updated 4 2nite
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