Street map - like the one Taxi Offices use for Bournemouth/Poole/Boscombe and Southampton areas

Does anyone know where I can get a street map of the above? like the taxi offices use. I am trying to plot a route (and will need to do it on an ongoing basis) from postcodes - approx 15 in the Bournemouth/Poole/Boscombe areas at the moment and cannot find a programme that will let me put them in and then work the best route round. SO..... the only thing I can do is mark them on a map and then do it myself. Ideally I would like a free one - do estate agents still give them out? or does anyone have one they no longer need? I would happily pay postage. Any pointers appreicated


I'm in Bournemouth - Sometimes you can get tourist maps, haven't seen one in a while, but will be in town on Friday so will have a look in T Info. Can also find out if there is a cheapie map around.

I am intrigued to know why you are sticking pins in Dorset... unsolved serial killer murders? hehe

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Im now self employed and have taken a job to visit some outlets - small shops - promoting a product. I know bournemouth okish but not enough to be able to look at the postcodes and work my route. As there doesnt seem to be a programme that lets me do it I am stuck with physcally planning the route using pins and planning my travel accordingly. Any help really appreciated! I was up late last night just looking for these places on multimap - if it could just leave my last 'find' on the map when I put in the new one I would be sorted!!!!!

Have you tried google earth, you can search and zoom in to 3d level to see where you are

Are you looking for a OS Streel Level Map. You can order these online, to your specification.

UKInfo Disc (torrent) has this feature of routes, although it is a limited in nature and fiddly to install

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Im not entirely sure what I am looking for - like a ' red book' but with larger maps and all on one page
Will have a look at the os street level - that might work and the UKInfo disc tho Ive never heard of it and see if that helps
Loads of thanks guys and girls
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