Street Surfer Bike

Found 27th Jun 2008
A unique Australian-designed bicycle which uses skateboard-style wheels ...

The Street Surfer bike, which has a regular bike wheel at the back and four smaller wheels at the front, and is steered by the rider leaning instead of turning handlebars.

But the bike won't be cheap, with a £400 ($1,000) price tag when it goes on sale in the UK.

The bike's Australian creator Tony Varrone, who is based in Perth, said his Street Surfer was safer to ride than a traditional bike.

"It takes a few minutes to get used to the Street Surfer because it feels completely different to a standard bike - more like surfing,'' he told the Daily Mirror newspaper.

"But once you begin to trust yourself leaning instead of steering it's easy.
"The braking system is very efficient and is similar to car anti-lock systems, so it slows down without skidding."
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Where do you find all these little gems kippy?!?
this year especially i have become someone who doesnt read or watch news much ... so once in a blue moon, i do a mad dash of info absorbing.
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