STRESS!!!! How do you destress?? Reveal all here! :)

    Hi all, I'm doing some research into stress!

    How do you de-stress, what stresses you out, and is there a certain someone in your life that manages to calm you down? If so, Who?! And how??

    Anything else that you want to share, or you might think is relevent then please let me know!!




    Browsing HUKD

    bottle of wine usually does it for me :whistling:

    expensive brandy!


    getting drunk and streaking ;-)

    The weekend is for me the most stress busting thing as i switch of work brain and turn on family brain. My wife and family make all the rubbish that is work worthwhile:santa:

    I dont seem to suffer with stress?

    a spliff usually does the trick mon!

    A small schooner of sweet sherry

    get wooped at Halo by american 13 year olds

    Rarely get stressed, but when I do, I walk along the Mersey River. It must work because I always come back home.

    Kick boxing


    get wooped at Halo by american 13 year olds

    lol that streesses me more! so annoying!

    a few days off work with a bottle of rose browsing hukd! no i rarely let myself get stressed!

    Punch bag, or if not at home swear and cuss at random strangers seeing them scatter makes me laugh which de-stresses me

    chocolate ftw! :viking:


    my idea works btw!!! lol only joking!

    Im stressed to the hilt right now lol so have a large glass of wine in my hand, pack of ciggies and choc x that should work or at least I hope so haha x

    kids in bed, a bottle of red wine, piece of blue cheese and a good dvd!:-D

    Go to the gym.


    I dont get stressed about things that I can't affect... things that I can I wait until I can make maximum change and then get involved! got me through some really tough times and has got me quite far professionally too!

    I think its cute when some people worry though!

    as for relaxing I think music and just daydreaming or doodling works so well!

    Original Poster

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!! This is good stuff hehe, Im liking it, Carry on anyone else that wants to add anything, cheers guys, I hope all you stressedys feel a little better after sharing

    The thing is to turn off the messages in your head that are stressing you. A long soak in the bath is good as you can shut yourself away from others. Followed by a massage if you have a cooperative other available or a meal and something to divert your mind. Could be watching telly, reading, listening to music, surfing the net. Ignoring the phone can work as well.
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