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As long as you didn't lose more than you had to start with, it's not that bad. At least you had an eventful evening of blackjack and no worse off.

But you're right, no one died :-)

I had a stressful evening of helping with an essay, economics is tricky the second time round.

im doin a levels and have a sh*it loada revision to do and i havent started yet! pretty stressful stuff for a 17 year old! also i lost £100 on last week!!!! not as bad as £200 but still pretty gutted lol

feel better, jus remember theres always someone else worse off than you + plus think of the £200 as being the bookies money. mine was outa my own pocket lol

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Well lost £10 of my own money in end but like u say Olivia the £200 was bookies money anyway so just have to look at it that way.

Mine was on totes casino , won on some fruit machine but then lost it on cards lol

cheers for postive replies :thumbsup:

Goodluck with the revision hope u do well


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Promised myself im going to steer away from gambling now , as all together in past month ive lost about £800 that was all winnings though ive never lost big on any of my own money only small amounts...but sitll hurts lol

Had a lucky month so i dont advice anyone to try u kinda get hooked and lose it all like me lol

yeah i used 2 think it was easy money but then ya realise how most bookie are millioaires and most gamblers are down and outs eventualy! earning a living is the only way to

I know a guy that plays online poker quite religiously and manages to make quite a bit a month, normally recouping losses and then some. However it does seem to be an inherent skill that these people have to play the game.

Something I don't have unfortunately...

(earning a living, the boring way)

Bloody students!!

Gambling = dreams of riches/reality of rich bookies

= you lose

I have to study hard, I have to go to lectures, I have to do coursework and I have to do exams.

Then hand it out for the students to do and deliver my lecture.

I'll quote Brando on this one "The horror... the horror"

See you in class A-n-d-y. If I see you fall asleep you'll lose another £100, I'll make you do a re-sit
I wish you'd won mate - but what would you have done with it?


PS. you think you have difficulty doing the coursework - I'm cruising the forums avoiding preparing my lecture :P

self control man!!!

win and walk


The main reason I'm not doing the same is cause my VISA card has been so flexible, it's made of flubber!

C'est la Vie


The only way to not to play.

A fool and his money are soon parted!!!
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