Strict Nat on Xbox 360

im sooooo angry cant connect to live with my friends because this, how will i change it thanks will rep
P:S i use the Ethernet cable
I use BT HomeHub 2 anyone help


what router do you have - there are plenty of guides out there but it's diferent for each router.


on your router setup you will hopefully have a dmz
put in your xbox ip and you should be fine

I had the same problem & there was lots of talk about forwarding ports etc etc.

But, before I tried that I updated my router's firmware to the latest & everything worked fine from then on.

May be worth checking this first.

switch on DHCP in router & switch on UPNP. Set 360 Network up to use AUTO and AUTO

Then if it still does not work (apply upnp and dhcp settings and OK it see if that works if not then restart router with those settings active) after that if it still does not work check to see if there has been a firmware uddate that fixes upnp or any issues you have been having and install new firmware .. Making sure you save your settings in router and have your user (login settings written down) find pin hole reset switch b4 and after firmware update and keep it pressed bout 15 secs each time


wahh how do you set

You log in using or or or whatever bt home hub nd your network uses…%3D
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