Anyone going to be stopping up to watch Strikeforce tonight. Our man Paul Semtex Daley is fighting Diaz for the title. Should be an awesome fight and I hope Daley knocks him out


    What channel is it on?

    'our man' Paul Daley is a meathead with no takedown defense or ground game.

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    But he has an amazing knock out punch.
    Not sure it's on tv over here tbh, I will be watching it on a live link.

    Your right but didn't help him against Kos.

    Diaz won't stand for long. Jits on another level.


    What channel is it on?

    480 i think. £9.99 if memory serves.

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    I can't and never have been able to stand Kos, he is probably my most hated fighter. I just have a good feeling about Daley tonight, and he made weight which is unusual lol, But your right if it goes to the floor Daley had better try and get back to his feet asap and it's not simple with a guy like Diaz.

    Can anyone tell me what time it's starting?

    Sorry just noticed 12am. I wil hopefully find a stream and post it here if anyone wants to stop up
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    Both tossers so whoever loses is just fine by me.

    Everyone's a winner.

    Just a heads up if people haven't seen them but the extreme channel are showing the WEC events. 44's on tonight.

    Agree with above. In fact both Diaz brothers are.

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    Thanks for the heads up about WEC, there were some amazing fights that took place, I wish it was still going today.

    As for tonights fights, if I could find a betting site that lets you bet on Strikeforce, I would go for a Jardine loss, and a Daley win.

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    OK, so not long now, will be looking for a link to post here, if anyone is watching online, could you post too

    im pretty certain hell get submitted, diaz bjj is top notch.........i dont like daley anyway no class.

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    I think I got my timing wrong and it starts at 3, not 12. This is bad news cos I could of had a sleep if I had known.

    Noticing alot of hate for Hardy. My school friend Andre Winner is gonna be in his corner, so I am backing him.

    i like daley , best brit weve got in any major promotion , since hardys lose to gsp he has gone downhill and no michael bisping aint the best he hits like a girl

    ether way i always want the brit to win ,just being a bit patriotic

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    Me too, I always support the Brits, and we have a great team at the moment. Just spoke to my friend who got a text from the changing room. He says that Daley is warming up and looks good. It's about time a Brit won a title.

    I went to the Hardy GSP fight in New Jersey, I was obviously behind Hardy, but GSP is a legend and never looked threatened

    Daley couldn't even stand with Diaz.


    P.S Daley is not the best UK has btw.


    My fave uk fighter is Jimmy Manuwa

    Anyone heard anything from him lately. I was at his last fight when he banged out valentino petrescu but gone quiet now

    who is uks best fighter then ? he put diaz on his **** last night

    ps , dont say tom watson or any other fighter who only fights in the uk , thats bassicaly the amateurs

    only fighters we have in the big leagues are daley ,hardy,bisping and hathaway , hathaway was making progress but that got beat by mike pyle and then had the crap split decision win over one the ultimate fighter rejects

    ross pearson may have won the ultimate fighter but since then he aint done nothing special and probably never will

    so whoelse is there?

    mm i win


    I like the uk scene. Manuwa fights on the local scene but he is way more interesting than those pro fighters
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