Strimmer any good deals around

    Can any one suggest me about strimmers I need basic one for light use for the edges of the lawn only. Thanks


    Go to your local bootsale...Always loads there for a few pound....Good Luck

    Argos do them as well some cheaper than others...

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    Thanks for the replies. I have never been to car boot sale, hat price should I pay and how do I check if its in working order. I know its daft to ask this but have never been to one, dnt want to pay too much and at the same time not offend other party by under quoting, thanks again

    Personally, I would go for the shop!

    Boot sales are great IF what you want is there and you can get it cheap enough AND it works etc....

    But for what they are worth - i.e just over £20 I would buy one!

    Having said that - obviously that is just my opinion and I fully respect that of others.

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