Struggling to do a clean install of windows 7

Found 12th Feb 2011…ve/

tried using these steps but cant seem to do it. The file i downloaded is English_windows_7_Professional_win32_X15-65804.img

i have tried buring it to a dvd but no good,,,

i have tried to create a bootable iso using this guide…es/ but am failing on step 6.. it just wont find it when i press enter in the command prompt

any ideas?

The problem may be that my keyboard wont respond in any of the boot menus? when it says boot from dvd press any key whatever i press it doesnt register.. is there anyway i can reset this?
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plug a ps/2 keyboard in, not USB
If you go into the BIOS there will probably be an option to turn on / off the USB keyboard and mouse.

This happened to me a few months ago during a Windows install and when I turned the USB keyboard on in the BIOS it worked after that.
rename the original file to .iso

I dont think you want to do this as you are not converting EXE to ISO format.

It seems an IMG files is just an ISO file. An ISO is a sort of "zipped" version of the complete DVD. You need to "unzip" back to DVD (though dont use a zip product).

So I think you need to rename the extension to ISO then use a ISO burning product to expand the ISO file onto a DVD

Somethig like MagicISO but I am sure there is a free one

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sorted thanks, changed the setting in bios to support usb keyboards
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