Struggling to get 3G on my Nokia 5800

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Found 26th Feb 2009
I bought a sim free nokia 5800 an stuck my orange pay monthly sim card in. I am however not able to get 3G data speeds. Does anyone know why this is the case? Could you point me in the right direction?


is the phone connecting to 3G, do you get the 3G emblam on the screen

do you have a 3G sim card? if it's newish then should be, if not then check with Orange about getting a replacement sim that is 3G compatible

My husband recently brought a new phone with 3g on and he just put his old sim card in. He had the same problem as you and when he phoned up orange to find out why he was asked if he'd put the new sim card in
(which he hadnt) turned out that was the problem. Old sim cards arent 3g compatible or something. So he put the new one in and hey presto 3g pretty much everywhere =]

Was your last phone 3G ? If it wasn't you don't have a 3g sim.

If Orange didn't supply you with a 3g phone they may not supply you with a 3g sim...
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