Struggling to get up in the morning.....I need help....

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Found 15th May 2006
Hi all

Im in urgent need of a decent alarm clock. The one I have now is ancient and seems barely able to pickup a radio station. Does anyone have a recommendation on a decent one that never fails with crystal clarity (perhaps even with a CD option). Doesn't necessarily have to be cheap but just need it to ensure I can get outta bed. (The woes of having one of those memory foam mattresses).




I can't get up in the morning either. A friend told me to try this:


Just put an MP3 on your phone set at max like "GET OUT OF BED YOU LAZY %&^$" - I think that would work !

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im thinking more along the lines of perhaps a CD alarm clock with something like "Itsy bitsy teeny weeny...." playing to annoy me to get up - but that will be bad for the staff I manage (like you chris!) as I'll be in a bad mood.


Tell you what - I'll ring your house phone when I get up at 6:30 am !!

Why not "Wake up it's a beautiful morning........."

I've seen somewhere review of weirdest alarm clocks - flying in the air, rolling around room, one that requires to assemble puzzle, etc. Do a search for novelty alarm clocks, I am sure you'll find plenty. Or just put Crazy Frog ringtone to your mobile, now that's irritating!

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Well I just got a rather nifty looking cd alarm clock from ebay. With an annoying CD and that post from andi, I should be able to haul my butt outta bed good style.

Thx All


Don't put it next to the bed, make yourself walk to the alarm to turn it off and hey presto, you're out of bed.

I do it with two alarm clocks in places where I can't reach easily like the sides of draws. By the time I've reached it and turned it off I'm wide awake!!

My phone alarm plays the Monty Python theme, lol.

Apparantly though THESE are really good...


I also heard they were good ducky, but only in the winter (some lady told me) - I cannot explain why... (?)
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