Strugglingg with a Company Car offer, appreciate some advice

Posted 5th Jul 2021

Ive been putting off having a company car for a while whilst i reap the benefits of 45p a mile and running my 11 plate focus into the ground.

The time is nigh for the focus, its got some big repairs due soon and im now looking to take advantage of my companies offers.…ing

I have attached the company car list (all electric) which i have been provided with, i am somewhat apprehensive for making the jump to electric. I havent heard the best things annecdotally with regards to access to quick charge ports on the way home, i wouldnt want to turn a 6 hour round trip into 8 hours trying to get a quick charge. None of the cars on there really offer me a range id be happy with.

The other option is a cash alternative, The company would subsidise me with £350 roughly per month to source my own vehicle, the catch being it must be at most 7 years old so id need to go for something in 2017 or a personal lease ideally.

I am happy to go for non-electric via a lease but i am nervous about ramping up costs with extra mileage and ofcourse adding insurance & tax ETC which would all be included with a company car.

Has anyone got an experience of using an electric car for at least 10 thousand business miles per anum and its range/charger accessabillity?

Would I be better off looking for a personal lease that is subsidised by the firm and aaccepting a higher lease cost/Excess mileage charge?
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