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I was selling some tickets on stubhub and another website, They both sold on the same day and I sent them off to the other website. Know stubhub are looking to charge me and admin fee and maybe more. Can anyone help with this


It's a nightmare when this happens but you agree their terms and conditions when you put your tickets on sale with them . I advertised the wrong date and they cancelled the order and charged me the difference when replacing them with other tickets . I think you will be charged an admin fee and the difference in cost for them to replace the tickets .. I don't think you have any option other than to pay their charges you could try and complain .. Good luck

This happened to somebody the other day and they were charged the cost to replace the tickets and an admin fee

6.3 If the Ticket is no longer available and you do not have a replacement Ticket (that StubHub determines in its sole discretion is comparable or better than the one originally listed) that the Buyer accepts, or you are unable to deliver the Ticket at the latest one (1) week before the event, we reserve the right to cancel the sale and you will not be paid for the sale. If you were already paid, the payment for your sale may be recovered by charging your Payment Method or by setting off this amount against pending payments for other Tickets you've sold or will sell in the future. In addition you may be subject to being charged additional fees and other charges pursuant to Clause 3.2 for sourcing a replacement Ticket or providing a refund to the Buyer.

3.2 If you as a Seller do not fulfil your contractual obligations towards a Buyer by not delivering Tickets within the required delivery timeframe, by not delivering Tickets at all or by delivering incorrect, misrepresented or invalid Tickets or if you make any changes in respect of your Ticket listing after your Ticket has been sold (i.e. the order has been made by the Buyer) resulting in StubHub incurring additional costs, StubHub reserves the right to charge you the following additional fees and other charges to cover StubHub’s costs for resolving the issue, including finding replacement Tickets or issuing a refund to the Buyer:
(a)StubHub may charge a replacement fee which consists of the price of a comparable or better replacement Ticket. The replacement fee can be higher than the original sales price of your Ticket.
(b)StubHub may also charge you for any additional delivery costs which arise out of resolving issues caused by orders that were not correctly fulfilled.
(c)If replacement Tickets cannot be found or cannot be made available in time for the event or if the Buyer is otherwise entitled to a full or partial refund according to the terms of the FanProtect® Guarantee, because you delivered incorrect, misrepresented or invalid Tickets, StubHub may charge you for the cost of the refund.
(d)In addition to the fees and charges above StubHub may charge an administrative fee of £25.00 GBP for the costs incurred by StubHub when resolving issues caused by any order that is not correctly fulfilled.
Additional fees and other charges may be charged to your Payment Method or deducted from pending or future payments received from Buyers.

They are owned by and operated like eBay. You pay fees.

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There must be a way out of avoiding these charges if I didn't take the product down within a few hours of it selling elsewhere

you sold something you did not have to sell twice just once, so you pay the fees. if both paid you would you complain. You can be hit for large amounts of the gig is a popular sold out one.

You'll have to pay the cost of replacement tickets plus an administrative fee.

Basically, you'll be paying for whoever bought your fictional tickets to attend the event. I hope it wasn't an expensive one!
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