stuck or dead pixels on iphone 3g


    im stuck here...

    i have an iphone 3g 8gb and there seems to be some stuck pixels on my screen. there is a few little pixels near the top. i havent dropped it, its always in a bumper case.

    done some research and says using a high frequency animated gif flashing really fast can fix it, but it didnt and gently applying pressure to the screen can massage them away.

    no luck at all.

    anyone any ideas?



    It's probably usual wear and tear (over time)... If it's an iPhone 3g then I'm guessing it is a good few years old.

    Try massaging it again with tip of finger nail and apply moderate pressure


    massaging a phone oO Your phone probably gets better treatment than your OH that doesnt exist

    Original Poster

    lol ive tried the massaging, but it does nothing. it is near 3 years old. its annoying, but i will have to live with it. id love to sell it for 100-150 and put that money towards an iphone 4.

    thanks anyway guys
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