Stuck with linux!!

    Hi all, I have just bought my daughter an Acer Aspire netbook for her birthday and want to download trial AVG internet security. I am totally stumped about how to go about this as I have only ever used windows before and this is ran by Linux. Can anyone run through the process with me. I can get into AVG fine and go to download trial but have no idea how to bring the file up and set it up. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance and will rep those who help me out with this.


    you dont need any antivirus on linux really

    oh and put the new ubuntu netbook remix on it

    I have the acer and you do not need avg security

    As said above, running linux you don't really need to use antivirus UNLESS you're sharing files with windows machines. They will be susceptible.

    Instead of AVG you might want to try ClamAV, which is free and open-source.

    can you tell me more about ubuntu pls


    can you tell me more about ubuntu pls

    google it:thumbsup:
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