stud, metal 3 in 1 detector

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Found 21st Jan 2008
hi guys, i'm new to diy, and i wonder is a detector necessary? if so, please recommend one. i did came across dixons selling a screwdriver and detector set for £19.99


They are useful, if you are going to get one, get a decent one, as the cheap ones are unreliable, and give you false readings.Use them in conjunction with your knowledge of where pipes/cables etc are usually run.

I have only just bought one for a 'Non standard' house I was working on, I wish I spent a bit more because it left me puzzled because of its unreliability.

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will you able to let me know which one you got there? I saw one at B&Q own brand for less than 10 quid. Not sure should i go for it.

I got mine from screwfixdirect.

I would say that one for £10 (I paid something like this) is not going to be very good to be honest.
It will probably give you a false sense of security, and end up drilling through one of your services.

I don't have a good one, so can't recommend one for you, sorry.…htm


I've also seen them cheaper elsewhere, I'll have a quick look

EDIT, please read below (Saint was correct !!)

Just found a review on the above which doesn't look to good. Might be best to avoid considering the tools purpose !!…asp

Ok there's a page of them here just for you to compare /look at:…236

Saint has written the rest about safety etc.
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