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Found 26th Aug 2010
Basically there are 4 of us in a flat

and between us we need to play £1200

So £300 a month

However, there is a problem with there being 4 of us, one person has to get the small room. We have been able to decide amicably who should have that room.

However what we want to know is, how much should that person pay less in which the others split that difference between them.

The other rooms have double beds whilst the smaller room has a single bed.

Cheers for any help in advance.

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when my son shared last year, he got the smallest room for 50 quid less, everyone was in agreement as the room was tiny......

effectively 7 beds
2/7ths of the rent for each double room and 1/7th for the single

or roughly £342 for the double rooms £172 for the single - but may want to adjust slightly as obviously double rooms not using double utilities (unless you have a lot of overnight guests!!!)

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Hummm £342 seems like alot...
I would have thought
Basically rental should be like this:

Guy with the smaller room should pay less so he should pay £270 a month
Giving him a saving of £30 x 12 = £360 a year

We will split the remaining between us so:
We'll pay £310 a month

or is that way too small?

divide the rent by the total sq meters of all the bedroom then multiply each room size all pay price per sq meter.

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Sounds alot of effort but it does seem the fairest way but...

Does the rent include bills?

If not then use TAH-M's suggestion of dividing by number of beds, this seems like a good method.

sounds like if its gona be a lot cheaper there may be a fight between you all to get the small room!

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exactly seems too good to be true! lol

This is part of your degree it out and you get a 2:1!! lol

this happened with me and the people i was gonna move in with, the girl insisted she got the room with the en suite at no extra cost which i was a bit **** about but then i was told i was to get the single room cos i didnt have a gf and the other two did, told them to **** off X) they didnt seem to understand that at 6ft 4 i dont fit in a single or a normal double lol (the two have since split wit their gfs lol) im stayin at home again with my nice kingsize


exactly seems too good to be true! lol

having a think about the bedroom shouldn't be all of the rent some must be apportioned to the all the other facilities

I would have thought that the bigger room should 10 -15 quid each more. so the small rooms rent would be 255 - 270

if you really cant agree then all do a month each in the small room or a term each.

or just have one big fight.. first one to give in gets the small room.. haha only joking

Had the same issue during my Uni days. I didn't even spend time viewing the property yet somehow I ended up with the biggest room
Though I did need space for my 'huge' 28" CRT lol.

I think we reached an agreement to knock £50 off the smallest room and split the remaining cost equally.

pick names out of a hat for each room

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we have already sorted out who should sleep in the small room.

The accommodation doesn't include bills in rental aswell so we have to take that into consideration

Small room £225
Big rooms £325 each

Thats how i would split it.

Nothing worse than having a small room

Original Poster

Cheers everyone.
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