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Found 22nd Oct 2007
Whats best one to get, im not too bothered, Natwest and Barclays have best rep.

If possible I want a Visa/Delta card, not bothered about overdraft but a buffer is ok(think Barclays have a £200 one)

Thats all I need.

And of course the freebies are a big part of it lol
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I made one with Natwest. They offer the railcard for 5 years which isnt bad. Im a bit pissed off with them at the moment though cause their customer service is terrible! In my branch anyway lol. Best student account for interest rates is usually Halifax though. Natwest interest rate on student accounts are ****
Not bothered too much about a railcard, I have been on 3 train journeys since last June and not again until christmas so no point.

Didnt they do a £100 credit into your account before?
Just tried applying for Halifax and they turned me down, so applied for Barclays and they accepted me, strange.

Prefer Barclays anyway lol.
Go with Barclays. They let me extend my overdraft 11 times since I started 2 years ago (I kid you not) and they know my name in my local branch. They also once gave me £25 for taking too long to process an overdraft extention application. I forget what they give you for free now, although you can have as many pens as you like if you go in and grab and handful
Na natwest dont do the £100 credit. I think RBS does something like that though. Barclays isn't bad either so congrats
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