Student buying a portable(ish) laptop

    hi everyone; first things first, awesome site you guys. the advice and input from everyone means this site is slowly beginning to replace my parents as a source of consultation for all things financial! ;-)

    haha from that above statement, you can probably all guess i'm a student. And, it has become time that i replace my current laptop which i bought 4 years ago now, with a newer model. i was looking for build quality, a bit of style, and portability; with this in mind, what would you guys all have to say about this:


    i know i could get around £50 off with one of the vouchers, and it falls below the £800 mark if i deselect the anti-virus software. I'm only concerned about the graphics; 128 shared memory could become a bit of a bummer, esp with vista on board. I'm not really an avid gamer though; but i'm a medical student, so would need some graphical capability to use certain sorts of anatomy programs and the like.

    i've also waited for about 6 months already, even though i really do need a laptop; would it be wise to wait longer for core 3 to come out, and either purchase one of those? waiting would also mean that current core2 laptop prices should also take a considerable hit.

    I'd really appreciate any help!



    There was a laptop posted last week which I thought was quite good and beats the one from dixons hands down in terms of price and specs, check out this:


    You could add a graphics upgrade to 256meg, a bigger battery and the top screen to that Dell Inspiron 6400 and still come home with plenty of change from your £800…cer
    take a look at this thread..the acer with the better graphics chip seems good value....Sony are overpriced in my opinion.
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