Student Cards... Is their any real Benefit ?

    If I had to start a course studying later on this year, is their any Student card out there that would come in handy... PS I dont use Public transport or buy much in the way of music/films etc... (I see a few people use them for this etc on Amazon...)

    Not fussed really.... But I have no idea about this etc, I did read into a few old posts on here back in Feb...




    NUS extra card is priceless - well, I say that, is is priced at £10

    But theres loads of placed you can use it:…ra/

    Plus Maccy Ds where I used to go for college started asking for NUS Extra cards instead of my college card.

    Hope this helps. have a look on there and at what discount you can get for diff sites. Thats the main card, but need to work out if its worth buying one compared to codes you find for free anyway

    I just use my uni id for stuff, you get 10% off in sone places, and can use it at the odeon, u shud get a student id card for your course, and alot of places accept it. i think nus is more beneficial if you buy online though, im not sure standard student id works for online. iv never had an nus card myself.

    Total waste of money! But these days most places accept anything that says NUS on it (e.g. uni card so doesn't have to be NUS card) and for those that don't just buy any other discount card from them!
    Btw for food e.g. pizza hut etc use online discount vouchers or use student deals posted to your place

    Hello stranger,
    Have you checked your quiz thread lately.

    I'm still waiting for a job.

    Max Headroom.

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    Hello stranger,Have you checked your quiz thread lately.I'm still waiting … Hello stranger,Have you checked your quiz thread lately.I'm still waiting for a job.Max Headroom.Jumpingphil.

    Will take a look.... Very soon lol

    Thanks for the info on the Cards guys:)

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