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Found 9th Jan 2010
I am thinking of applying for this through my uni and was just wondering what things they take into consideration.

I am maxing out 2 overdrafts, but tend to have a lot of transactions in my accounts. I am thinking that they might ask questions about what i buy or do they not look at these things. Also has anyone ever applied and been rejected?
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Hardship funds exist to support the study of those in dire financial need - the student that buys a flat screen tv, ps3, dvds etc clearly isn't in dire financial need.
They can, and do ask why you need their money.
Having said that they give money out quite easily earlier in the academic year - as they are typically given use it or lose it funding, where what they get next year is governed by what was given out the previous year.
i got one at uni when i was totally struggling ie had no food etc

i'm in scotland but at my uni they wanted to see bank statements, details of your out goings ie rent, electricity/gas etc they will ask why you find yourself needing assistance , as long as you aren't trying to scam them you have nothing to worry about they will offer you financial assistance and try to find if there is any way they can help you

good luck hope it all goes well

like the above said if you are buying loads of clothes,dvds, drink etc that will be on your bank statement they will prob tell you where to go
I just had to fill out a form asking why i needed it then provide proof of my outgoings. Quite straightforward - as mentioned before they have a budget each term to give out, and need to give it all out per term to receive the same amount of funding the following year.
how much do you spend :? i get 100 quid a month and thats enough
none of my outsgoings go on big screen tv's lol.

Thing is juggling with 2 student bank account overdrafts isn't easy especially when you need to keep them both happy, most of what i buy goes on my 2 credit cards, just incase i run out of money

I think my main problem is that i spend too much on food, but ive never bought a book since joining uni, or anything else to help academically. I hope i can get it being in my final year its starting to take its toll.

Also i don't go out clubbing or anything like that anymore, so i don't spend there either, god hard times
I have to ask. Where exactly is it all going then? Im currently a student (although living at home so i can pass no judgement).

How have you managed to max out 2 overdrafts as well as spending a student loan and now having no money.

I personally managed to do it last term, however that was down to me deciding to build a kit car (i am not the classic student :p).
4th year at uni, 2 years en-suite halls. Only in my first year and 2nd year did i manage to find a job during the holidays.

I wanted to do placement last year but couldn't find one,and so all that time accumulated has left me with nothing
From my experience when I was a student (altho I was on a 6yr course) - as you are in your final year, you are likely to get more assistance than when you were in earlier years.

You need to spend around an hour filling in a form, get your bank statements etc. (my uni asked me to explain only transactions over a certain value) and send it off. Couple of weeks later you'll hear from them.

And yes, I believe that they have a fixed amount to "give away" and if they don't give it all away I don't think they get funding the next year.

I did it for my last 2 years at uni. In the penultimate year, I think (if I remember correctly) that they gave me a lump sum first of all, and then randomly gave me a bit more without me asking in the final term.
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