Student Help please.... can you help with my application?


    I've decided to return to education and do an 'Access to University' course to then go on and do nursing. The college I wish to apply to has asked for a supporting statement containing 250 or more words as to what are my reasons for returning to study?

    My mind has gone blank with writers block, can anyone suggest what to say or give some tips on how to write it?

    Thank you


    Let me get this right. You can't think of a single reason why you're returning to study?

    Somehow that astonishes me. Or perhaps it speaks volumes, Not sure yet.

    Er... you want us to tell you what your reasons are for going back into education????

    Along ]this line?

    or ]this

    I think you can take words/ideas from them to suit your situation:thumbsup:

    A few simple pointers ]here

    Nursing personal statements ]here to get more ideas as to how to word it.

    Students applying for university have to do something similar. It's called a 'personal statement', where you discuss your interest in the subject you've chosen to apply for, etc etc.

    There's a mass of resources on the internet to help with writing a personal statement, so that'd be the first thing i'd look for in your situation.

    edit: have a look at this…ary

    p.s. don't plagarise anything you find on the 'net btw, or you'll be in the ****

    All they want to see is that you are capable of putting words and sentences together, don't worry too much about what you say, just be honest.

    Original Poster

    For the people offering advice thank you so much. I really appreciate it, i'm getting a little overwhelmed and just wanted a little re-assurance that what i'd written was suitable. I shall take a look at those sites :thumbsup:

    I can't help you but I just wanted to say good luck with the nursing

    I've just finished the Access to Nursing course & I now need to write my personal statement for my uni application so I know how you feel! I've been putting it off for weeks lol.

    I will do it tonight! :oops:
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