Student House - What Bills will we be paying?

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Found 12th Apr 2011
We need to get all of our Utility bills sorted for our house which we move into on 13th June.

I know the water rate is fixed and not on a meter.

We need a Gas and Electric provider, and also Internet.

We think we are going to get Sky TV and the internet through them depending on costs.

Is there anything else other than gas and electric that we need to consider? I'm certain we're council tax exempt.

Also, what's the best place to look for these providers? Our plan is to just make a joint account, all put money in at the start of the year and do a direct debit from the account.

Thanks a lot.


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If its a student house then it will already have a gas and electricity supplier, you just need to transfer your name onto the account if your landlord has not already done it for you. You may be able to change provider, but you need written permission from your landlord before you make those changes.
The only bills you will be responsible for are electricity, gas, phone / tv / internet and TV licence
You also need to send a council tax exemption form to the council straight away - you can get one of these from your Uni.

dont do a joint account!

and make sure that you give everyones name to the providers. Dont know if its still the same but we did that and the companies split the last bill and chased people (who tried to do one ducking out of last bill) on our behalf.


Yeah dont do a join account, trust me, will cause you grief further down the line! One person just look after each one and sort it out between you each month. Otherwise you'll end up paying your share but you'll be responsible if one of your hosuemates doesnt!
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