Student Housing: Information needed about bills

    Next year im moving into a house with 4,5 or 6 friends from University. The houses we've seen are around £60 a week per person. The landlord is willing to have all bills included (gas, electricity and water) for £10 a week more for each of us.

    I'm trying to work out if thats a good deal or whether it would be cheaper to deposit that £10 into a bank and sort out bills our self? Any examples of the prices you pay for each utility would be great, first time looking at things like this.

    Thanks in advance

    p.s. Im from stoke on trent - quite a cheap place


    Does make it easy, but you're paying for the ease!

    just go for it, makes it easier and takes away the hassle.

    £5 and its a deal.

    yeah you can also have the heating on when you like without worrying about the cost.
    but would say my family of 4 in a small 3 bed house spend about £150 a month on gas water and elec.
    try haggle with the landlord try get him to through broadband it or something like that.

    Hmm, water can vary greatly depending on where you are. Where we are in Devon we pay about £800 a year, Newcastle it was £250. That can affect it. Gas can also be expensive. If he's getting £240 a month for the bills for 6 of your I think that will more that cover it, especially in the summer when you don't have heating. But I don't really think that is all that expensive tbh, thinking about all the showers/baths/washing/ heating etc you will be doing. Also, in my experience trying to sort out the bills between a group of people can be a real pain, and it might just be easier to do it like this. I would be happy to do this I think.

    Its always worth it for these kind of "bills paid" set ups during winter for unlimited heating which trust me you need when revising for exams etc...but make sure your landlord hasnt got set limits on the bills becuase that way you could end up out of pocket as it were

    tell him you'll offer £30p/m each ;-)

    broadband in that as well? seems pretty good as above its for the ease of it but yeh check if there are limits, if there arent leave taps and heat on 24/7 lmao

    I've signed for a house next year with my fiancee and a friend. We've gone for the bills included at about £10 a week each. I agree it seems a bit steep but as already mentioned, if one person doesn't pay on time, someone will have to cover it for them which could lead to you falling out or the services getting cut off. I think it's best just to let the landlord sort it out for you, even if you're paying a bit more.

    Also remember if you're a full time student and everyone else in the house is you don't have to pay council tax.
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