Found 24th Jul 2009
Ok, so my student house im letting, has many problems. The problem is, it's who im letting of who has the responsibility, but rarely do anything about it. Is there any government body any higher up, who can sort them out? Because they are so useless its unbelievable.

Mate got burgled into, and he needed his door fixed properly, yes, they never came to do it!

Just an example.

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Have you looked at your contract?

Go and see your local citizens advice bureau. They may be able to help.

are you the landolord or a tenant



are you the landolord or a tenant

lol I see what you mean :whistling:

he must still be practising English (not that I'm any good at it either)

The property you're letting will no doubt be an HMO or House in Multiple Occupation - which is required to be registered with the Council. If you're having problems with the landlord, speak to the Council about it and they can intervene and assist you. They have powers to take over the letting of the property should the landlord fail to do so in a responsible manner.

Original Poster

Bleh, sorry if my english wasnt up to standard! If u took note at the time i posted, it was pretty late for me.

Anyway, i shall get in touch with Middlesbrough Council, see if they can do anything about it, thanks

You're welcome, let us know how you got on.

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I got in touch with Both my local newspaper, and the council.

I am in the belief of the Evening Gazette actually running the story in the papers, and the council are coming out on Friday afternoon to have a look. Hopefully the student housing company read the paper, and drop a nice hot cuppa coffee over they're laps - ahh bliss.

See what develops over the coming days.

Yep, HMO depending on how many 'households' are there, and whether facilities are being shared. The Landlord ain't gonna like that much!!!. They will no doubt now be required to fit a fire alarm system and ensure fire safety including carrying out fire risk assessments and the like.

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They dont deserve to be landlords. If they publish the story on theyre news site on local news, i will post it up here let you see the damp, and bugs crawling in and around it... (not to mention a set of kitchen cupboards stinking of damp too!) There's quite a few problems, so they get whats coming to them
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