Student Laptop...what should I go for?

    Hi there :thumbsup:

    I am a student, first year too, and need a new laptop to replace my old one - I am looking to spend less than £400, but up to £450 if the deal is THAT good (I mean, it has to be really good)

    I am after a good value for money laptop, reliable - tbh, I wont really have time to play too many games so not really bothered, but will watch dvds, and do all the standard student stuff...e.g work, work, work. It needs to be good lookin too I suppose :-D

    I know Dell will be mentioned but I need it by next week, they take too long - been lookin at sites such as ebuyer, and laptopsdirect - if someone with a bit of expertise in this area, could point me to the BEST DEALS! (imo there are just too many to consider!)

    Thanks a lot!


    Welcome to HUKD XCel

    An Acer within ur budget and time frame…047

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    Welcome to HUKD XCel :)An Acer within ur budget and time … Welcome to HUKD XCel :)An Acer within ur budget and time frame

    Yeh, thanks - was already considering it, looks nice too!

    Are there any others someone would recommend???

    Also, edi, what do you make of these:…199…464…957…081…714

    Any of them stand out as bargains?

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    i'd for a fujitsu siemens..... I've got one and its been faultless, and comes with a lot less of the rubbish you sometimes get bundled.

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    ^^^ thanks, I need to make a choice soon

    The three I have narrowed it down to are:

    Asus X50R-AP199P -…199
    Acer Aspire 5710 -…347
    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V3515 -…464

    Which would be best?

    They all seem great value for money - If anyone has any final bit of advice, feel free!!!

    I'd narrow that down to the Asus or the Fujitsu Siemens.... perhaps depends on your choice of operating system... if you can put up with Vista then go for Fujitsu Siemens, if you think you'll be better off with Windows XP then go for the Asus. Both will be great budget laptops just depends on your preference in the end..... I haven't got any personal experience of an Asus, don't know if anyone else has any thoughts?? ]

    Also bear in mind the Fujitsu Siemens has free next day delivery.

    just as an extra thought, my Acer I had for just over a year used to get extremely hot. After 6 months, the laptop would only run for 10mins before cutting out automatically to stop the components getting fried! the whole heat conducting chassis of the laptop was replaced under warranty, but the problem reoccured about 7 months later. A similar situation also happened to a friends Acer, just a word of warning!

    I would recommend against buying their Acer.

    I buy all our company PC's and Laptop's and i started getting good deals on Acer laptops.

    However have since discovered that their laptops are unreliable and their customer support is absolutely shocking. Info:…471



    have a look at the refurb models from PC world / currys... i saw this; "PACKARD BELL MZ36-T015 LAPTOP" its a core 2 duo Vista Home Premium, 1GB RAM, 120GB HDD, 15.4'' Widescreen, refurbished model but comes with 1 Year Free Warranty. Yeah its Packard Bell but the specs very good. For £329.99 plus quidco for an extra 5%... worth a look:thumbsup:
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