Student Loan Repayment HELP!

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Found 27th Apr 2010
Hello All,

just some info about repaying the student Loan, will i able to choose how much i repay every month or its upto them to decide, I got 2 jobs recently and they took 1st payment form my wages this month, its about £50.., will able to change that to smaller amount??
anyone did this b4, please help guys,

Rep will be given for help,

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Yes, you can choose to repay however much you like. I choose to repay 1p a month but it's entirely up to you.

No it's not negotiable! It's worked out on how much you earn over £15k.…php Is a brilliant site... You type in your per hour salary (if you know it which I presume you do if you work two jobs) and then it works out your tax, student loan etc per day/month/year.

depends on who it is with....the students loan company(I'm sure) is 9% of everything over £15k per year you make.


LOL they only take £50 from you and you're picking bones over it?
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