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Student (NUS) Card Number - format?

Posted 21st Nov 2010
Any students?

Our neice (who is away so we can't ask) has sent us her NUS number via her mum so when we buy her xmas gifts we get discount at various stores i.e she gets more for her money! However her number seems to be 17 numbers, but NUS numbers seems to be 15 numbers at online stores.

Do they have particular number they start with or end with? This is her first year. Hers starts with a 9.

What else can I do with it? Can I buy myself some heavily discounted student software or something!!! Only joking!
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Right, if you want to use the discount on sites like amazon you need to go on to the NUS website. Log into it using your nieces NUS details. Then, for example, search for Amazon. You will then be given a special code to use on the Amazon website.

Does that make any sence? Lol

for some sites like ASOS you can just enter the NUS number in the voucher code box
Thanks, but is there any way to determine which are the 15 numbers... she has sent us 17 with no gaps.
Hhmmmm....really weird...

I just looked at my nus card and counted again and again?.....mine has 18 numbers lol

Don't know what to tell you, sorry
are the students rioting this week as well ?
have they definitely got an NUS Extra card, not just a normal NUS card? Not sure if that makes a difference number wise...
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My NUS Extra card has 18 numbers. Starting with 982.....
mds... that is what we have, must have miscounted the number... so if on a website they tell you to enter 15 numbers, any idea which ones? We don't have the card, only the number she has sent.
not too sure give me the website and I will check the policy on th nus website
they always seem to start with 9 so don't miss that out. If it's only asking for 15 numbers, try the first 15.

If you can't get it to work, phone up the helpdesk and they can probably attach it to your account. My girlfriend couldn't get hers registered on New Look so had to call up and they sorted it out in a few mins
Thanks, been in touch weith her mum.
This site has reached new levels.

Mods/Admin moderate, suspend and ban people who legally express their free will and freedom of speech (for seemingly disagreeing with a megalomaniac Admin who seems to need his dummy attached by a cord for the amount of times he spat it out), and yet the allow and in fact promote the act of fraudulent use of NUS ID numbers. I say 'promote' because they've had 9 months to get rid of this thread.

I wonder what the police would say about such a flagrant promotion of illegal activity?

I payed the £11 or whatever it was. Worth it for half price spotify alone.

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