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    Bah. We've just had our house broken into yesterday :x, thankfully they ignored all my stuff but I've decided I'd better take out some possesions insurance. Does anybody know who gives the best price/best service, and are there any with bonuses through quidco etc?

    I'm after the cheapest quote possible really, £1500 worth of cover would suit me fine, as my laptop and mobile are insured seperately. Any advice appreciated!


    endsleigh insurance are student motivated from my days at uni the other year, lots of incentives etc check them out on the net.

    Worth asking at your student union.. some unions/ unis offer at cost insurance themselves.. Ours is something like £17 for 5 grand cover with no single item over 500.

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    Thanks for the advice. I've already checked endsliegh, just wondered if anyone knew of any others (I live off campus in a shared house).

    i haven't looked hard into it.... but ask you're bank, i know natwest does insurance for students.

    I've been with the nationwide for the last few years, they're miles cheaper than everyone else for me.

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    thanks, will check them out now

    It's also worth checking if you're covered on your parents insurance. Quite a few companies cover children in student accommodation up to a certain amount.
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