Found 26th Oct 2008
This looks like a lovely little community, so I'd like to share some random information with you just because I hate watching Frost on TV. lol.

If you can go to University, there are many positives to it. I don't know why I decided to tell you about this, I just thought it would be helpful.

These are just some of the positives:
- Whether it be a degree in philosophy, or a degree in psychology, you can get tuition fee loans to pay for fees (which after 45 years get whiped) and grants (non payable) for £2,800 a year.
- If you have children, you will be entitled to Parent's Learners Allowance (£1,480) a year and a Childcare Grant (£7,750+) depending on how many children you have.
- Your student loan (Maximum of £4,200 a year) is only repayable once you earn over £15,000 a year. If you do not break 15k a year after 25 years, your debt is whiped. After the age of 65, your debt is also whiped.
- Student loans are only ever changed at the base interest rate so rates are guaranteed not to go hikingly high.
- You can do some of these courses part time and get the equivalent grants given over the time period.
- It enhances your likelihood on getting jobs that are becoming more increasingly difficult to get.
- Whilst some Uni's require constant presence and registration, some uni's allow a system where you can learn from home with unique systems that allow you to access the lecture notes they use from home.

What you need to go to uni?
- A Levels. Yes, these are difficult to achieve, but I have come across numerous people (parents or mature students) who have managed college courses for these part time and gone on to uni. It can be done :-)
- D's and E's are not fails. Seems to be a common misconception, but in A levels, (though obviously A, B or C is better) these are not classed as fails and can be used to go to University (granted, it won't exactly be Oxford!)

I used to be a student ambassador and know more so if you feel you have any more questions to this random random thread, go ahead. Hope this helps anyone!!

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I'm sure there are plenty of students on here me included. Hopefully your information will help someone
im a student - a skint student
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